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TfL ‘would like the grant to remain’ ahead of Government Plug-in Taxi Grant deadline, says Mayor

Image credit: LEVC

Transport for London (TfL) say they ‘would like the grant to remain’ ahead of the Plug-in Taxi Grant deadline in April 2024.

This statement comes amidst growing concerns over the future of the grant, which has been a significant factor in encouraging London's iconic taxi fleet towards zero emission capable (ZEC) vehicles.

The issue was brought into focus following a written question by Caroline Pidgeon, a member of the London Assembly, directed at Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Pidgeon inquired whether the Mayor would consider maintaining the grant should the Treasury decide against its continuation.

Responding to the query, Mayor Khan highlighted TfL's ongoing engagement with the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and the Treasury. He stressed the importance of the grant in facilitating the transition of London's taxi drivers to ZEC vehicles. Khan reiterated TfL's stance, advocating for the grant to remain active due to its proven success in incentivising the shift to environmentally friendly taxis, in line with TfL's vehicle licensing requirements.

Khan said: “Transport for London (TfL) continues to engage with the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and the Treasury with the aim of ensuring London’s taxi drivers continue to get the support they need to move to zero emission capable (ZEC) vehicles.


“TfL would like the grant to remain in place given its success, to date, in incentivising the switch to ZEC vehicles in line with current vehicle licensing requirements they have set.


“The Government, TfL and I have made available £50m in support to taxi vehicle owners to encourage the uptake of ZEC vehicles.”


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