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The AA clarifies its roadside taxi coverage policy to LTDA rep driver after concerns and confusion

Updated: Jul 16

The AA has clarified its roadside taxi coverage policy to a LTDA taxi driver representative after cabbie concerns and confusion were reported.

In a recent article published in TAXI Newspaper, Suzanne Sullivan, the Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association (LTDA) Airport Representative, expressed her own confusion over conflicting information received by taxi drivers regarding coverage provided by The Automobile Association (The AA). The AA responded to the rep, clarifying its stance on providing cover for taxis.

Sullivan, who has personally been a member with The AA for several years, revealed that she had received numerous inquiries from fellow drivers seeking information about the change in The AA's coverage policy.

Suzanne Sullivan said in TAXI Newspaper: “I've had many calls of late from drivers, asking why the Automobile Association (The AA) are not providing cover for taxis anymore. I was confused to hear this as I have had cover with them for the past few years.”

Upon contacting The AA Administration Team, Sullivan received a response acknowledging the issues faced by taxi drivers. The AA stated that all call centre agents should be aware of the current policy regarding AA Membership for taxis, but it seems that some may not have been sufficiently informed according to the rep. The AA's Road (Breakdown Membership) Product Team provided additional information to clarify the situation.

According to The AA: “AA Membership is designed for private/domestic/ non-business use. We have always reserved the right to refuse service for vehicles that are identified as being used for commercial reasons, including taxis, and our Terms and Conditions have been updated to clarify this.

As your vehicle is for commercial use, we cannot guarantee that service will be provided under AA Membership and so you may wish to consider cover more suitable for you needs. More info available here business/breakdown."

The AA suggested taxi drivers look for required coverage under their business policy. However, Sullivan also suggested that taxi drivers explore other road recovery companies that offer similar coverage to compare policies and make an informed decision.

Sullivan said: “To summarise, they do offer cover, but under a different, business policy, specifically designed for vehicles used for commercial purposes. There are other road recovery companies that do similar cover, so l suggest that drivers ring around to compare policies.”

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