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‘THE CITY NEEDS THEM BACK’: City of London Councillor meets taxi trade reps to discuss lack of taxis

Image credit: James Thomson (X)

A City of London Councillor met with London taxi trade representatives to discuss the concerning lack of black taxis currently available in the Square Mile due to long running access concerns.

James Thomson, Deputy Common Councilman for the Ward of Walbrook and Chair of City of London Police Authority Board, expressed deep concern over the decline in taxi services within the Square Mile, particularly in the areas of Bank and Bishopsgate.

During a meeting with key representatives from the Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association (LTDA), including Chair Paul Brennan, General Secretary Steve McNamara, and Katie Combes, Thomson highlighted the pressing issue of taxis avoiding the City, emphasising that their presence is crucial for the sake of business, safety, equality, and attracting visitors.

Recent data reveals alarming statistics reflecting the reduced availability of taxis in the City. TaxiPoint worked with black cab booking app FREENOW to reveal 75% of requests for a cab hailed by app remains unfulfilled in the area around Bank Junction.

Shedding light on the difficulties faced by commuters when trying to secure a taxi the decline in taxi services hits both individual and corporate transportation needs as almost half (48%) of corporate account requests remain unfulfilled. This concerning trend not only impairs smooth business operations but also poses a risk to the overall safety and efficiency of the City.

Cabs Across Bank (CAB) is currently advocating for the restoration of taxi access to Bank Junction. The campaign seeks to gather fresh evidence and aims to grant licensed Hackney Carriages unrestricted access to Bank Junction and other currently restricted streets in the City of London.

CAB are looking for drivers and customers looking to hail black cabs in the area to come forward and provide evidence of their own personal struggles. Evidence can be sent directly to

James Thomson, Deputy Common Councilman for the Ward of Walbrook and Chair of City of London Police Authority Board, said: “Great to meet The LTDA (Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association) Chair Paul Brennan, Gen Secretary Steve MacNamara & Katie Combes.

“Cabs are avoiding the Square Mile due to restrictions: Bank & Bishopsgate in particular

“The City needs them back: business, safety, equality and visitors.”


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