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The Mayor of London will ‘continue to push government’ to lower VAT on public charge points

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

LEVC TX electric black taxi charging on street
Image credit: LEVC

The Mayor of London will ‘continue to push government’ in an attempt to lower the high VAT paid on public charge points to make it more affordable for taxi drivers without access to home charging.

The Mayor of London described his ‘disappointment’ at the Government who failed to tackle the issue during the recent spring budget.

London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon put forward concerns highlighting taxi drivers who are forced to use a public EV charging point. Those without home chargers face inflated electricity prices paying 20% VAT compared to just 5% VAT for people charging at home.

Assembly Member Pidgeon asked the Mayor what discussions he has had with the Government to tackle the issue.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, responded: “My Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy supports the lowering of VAT so that it is consistent between public charging points and home charging use.

“I am disappointed that the Government’s spring budget does not address this, despite being a recommendation by the Transport Committee.

“I will continue to push government to lower the VAT on public charging to make it more affordable for drivers without access to home charging.”


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