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THE RING TAXI! App booking allows passengers to experience Sadako in the cab this Halloween

Image credit: S.Ride app

Halloween is around the corner and what’s scarier than a creepy taxi with ‘The Ring’ movie star Sadako lurking in the cab with you!

Using new AR technology, passengers can book a taxi in Japan via the S.Ride app to be ‘trick or treated’ by the iconic Japanese horror film character.

Sadako can be found in 50 Tokyo taxis between 24 October and 6 November taking passengers on a memorably chilling journey where it will feel like Sadako is clambering out of a screen to join you.

Passengers will see the distinctive long jet-black hair through the backseat window as they approach the cab. Once they enter the taxi, never seen before Sadako videos will play using the in-cab screens. Just when you thought it might be all a little timid a fantastic AR feature will then kick in making it seem like Sadako is crawling out of TV screen.

To book the taxi users must download the S.Ride app.

Image credit: S.Ride app


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