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THE TAXI TRADE QUESTION: Do taxi tariffs need reviewing MORE OFTEN?

Updated: May 8, 2023

There are two hot topics within the taxi industry both locally and nationally right now. Fuel costs and tariff reviews. Both topics are linked as it’s the rapidly rising pump prices that is pushing the need for increased tariffs across the UK.

TaxiPoint asked its readers whether taxi tariffs are keeping up with fuel and living costs, and is there a need for more regular taxi tariff reviews.

The majority of trade responses argued IN FAVOUR of an annual fare review based on the rate of inflation. There were also several frustrated drivers who have not had a tariff review for a number of years and are currently feeling the pinch.

Andy Winter said: “They've never kept up with costs because it’s a crazy system where the council sets the rates, should be annual rise in line with inflation.”

Kim Mark simply said “Yes, they should be reviewed more frequently” and Dawn Johnson added “drivers are losing money every day”.

Bill Annetts said: “What we need is a government to say this is the price for a year.”

George Bathgate said: “It’s the old story. You need regular small fare increases. Instead of one large one.”

There were however some industry voices AGAINST the idea of more regular tariff reviews. Most concerns centre around putting the fares up too much and at a level customers can’t afford.

Brian Graves said: “Constant price increases will just drive the non-essential use customer further away, so nothing gained!”

Matthew Ronaldson agreed saying: “Put the price up and the customers won't be able to afford to travel via a taxi.”

The general feeling within the taxi industry seems to be that the process of reviewing a taxi tariff varies wildly from region to region. A more uniformed way of reviewing taxi fares would be welcomed, whereby the industry can better plan future revenue levels and invest where necessary.


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