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The Time Travelling Coventry Taxi: New children’s book released to promote local history

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A Coventry father and son, Aaron and Oscar, have written a new children’s book ‘The Time Travelling Coventry Taxi’; the latest in a series of children's books which look to promote the city’s history to local young people.

Aaron Ashmore, 37, and Oscar Ashmore, 8, are the authors of the book and it's the first time Aaron has co-written with another writer following the release of his Coventry children’s books - including ‘Lady Godiva’s Birthday Suit’ and ‘Meet the Coventry Kids’ - over the past two years.

Aaron said: “Writing the books so far has been amazing and Oscar has always shown a keen interest so I thought it would be an amazing way to write my first fiction book about the city by working with Oscar. I am so proud of how hard he has worked on the book and it is special to see both of our names on the cover.”

Oscar said: “I have loved writing the book with my Dad. It took a lot of effort and I love what we have made. I hope that people like our book and we are able to write another book together in the future.”

In the book, Oscar and his brother Caleb discover a Time Travelling Taxi and due to a mix-up with a tour guide at the Coventry Transport Museum, the boys end up in Coventry in 2122 where Lady Godiva isn't known, The Specials didn't play their first ever gig and Frank Whittle didn't invent the jet engine. Using the Time Travelling Taxi, the boys go back in time to help right those wrongs and fix Coventry once again.

‘The Time Travelling Coventry Taxi’ is 28 pages long and is illustrated by local illustrator Lizzie Ryan who brought Aaron and Oscar’s ideas to life with vibrant hand-drawn imagery.

Aaron has donated over 4,000 copies to Coventry primary schools free of charge and, teaming up with Coventry Building Society, 1,000 copies of ‘The Coventry Time Travelling Taxi’ will be heading to schools once again.

Leanne Stanley, Senior Community Specialist, at Coventry Building Society, said: “We’re focused on doing more in Coventry to enhance education and raise aspirations amongst primary school children.

“Aaron’s stories do a fantastic job teaching young people more about the city they live in, in turn making them proud to belong, and inspiring their futures - something we’re also doing through our Coventry Counts programme.”

The book is on sale now over at


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