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‘THIS ONE IS ON ME’: LBC's Iain Dale shares heartwarming London black taxi encounter

Updated: Jun 20

LBC radio presenter Iain Dale recently shared a delightful exchange with a black cab driver on social media, offering a glimpse into the everyday kindness found in London’s iconic taxis.

Dale recounted the conversation, which began with a simple request: “Can I pay by card, please?” The cabbie’s response was unexpected. “This one’s on me,” he replied, to Dale’s surprise.

Determined to pay, Dale insisted, saying, “It’s your living!” However, the driver had his own rationale, explaining: “You’ve given me so much pleasure on LBC over the years, it’s my way of saying thank you.”

Caught off guard, Dale found himself at a loss for words. The cabbie, undeterred, suggested, “put it in a charity box”. Dale readily agreed, sealing the encounter with a warm “Deal!”

Iain Dale is a well-known British broadcaster, author, and political commentator. He is most recognised for his work as a presenter on LBC, a leading talk radio station in the UK, where he hosts a popular evening show that covers politics and current affairs.

Dale has a background in publishing and has authored several books on politics and current events. He is also known for his active engagement on social media and his frequent appearances on television as a political analyst.


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