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TODAY: LTDA Special Meeting called to discuss proposed future voting rules

A special meeting of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association Limited (LTDA) is set to take place today.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are using a special power to call the meeting after ‘more than 100 members’ (known as the Applicants) asked for the FCA to do so. The LTDA is the taxi industry’s biggest driver representative with around 10,000 active members.

A letter was sent to all LTDA members notifying them of the virtual meeting taking place at 2pm Tuesday 8 March 2022. The letter also asks members to vote using the ballot details included by 17 March 2022.

According to the papers sent by the FCA, the LTDA is required to operate as a co-operative and members must democratically control it. After concerns raised by some members attending branch meetings, the one hundred or so Applicants suggest that they have not had enough ‘democratic control’ of the LTDA in recent years. The LTDA argue differently and wish to evoke changes that will allow all members to vote remotely via post.

The special meeting has been called to address concerns from both parties. The Applicants and the Council of Management have different opinions on what the future democratic arrangements should be and members will be asked to choose between both parties' alternative proposals.

Members have been supplied with a SIXTEEN-PAGE document detailing both the Applicants and the Council of Management’s proposals on what a ‘one member, one vote’ organisation might look like. There are also new proposals put forward around member expulsion.

The online special meeting will allow members to participate in the meeting and learn more about the proposals and also ask questions. Voting on the proposals at the meeting will not be an option.


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