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TOM HUTLEY: Learn more about the YouTube taxi influencer and his journey to over 80,000 subscribers

Image credit: Tom Hutley

Drivers and passengers interested in learning more about the London taxi trade have been checking out Tom Hutley's YouTube channel, Tom the Taxi Driver.

Tom is a licensed London cabbie, a tour guide, an author, and a successful YouTuber with over 80,000 subscribers. He first started his channel in 2020 and has since produced hundreds of videos showcasing his life as a taxi driver, his knowledge of London's history and culture, and his tips and tricks for aspiring cabbies.

Tom's journey to becoming a taxi driver was not straightforward. He graduated from university with a degree in Film and TV Production but soon realised that he was not passionate about his career path. He decided to take on the challenge of "The Knowledge", the rigorous test that all London taxi drivers must pass to earn their green badge. The Knowledge requires memorising all of London's roads, streets, and points of interest within a six- mile radius of Charing Cross. It took Tom three years of hard work and dedication to complete The Knowledge and become a qualified cabbie.

Tom did not stop there. He pursued his interest in becoming a tour guide and obtained his taxi guiding badge from The Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers, later progressing to Liveryman within the company. He also became qualified as a tour guide within the London borough of Camden. He now offers private tours of London from the comfort of his electric taxi, Tom's Taxi Tour. He also wrote a book about his experience of becoming a taxi driver, called "The Knowledge: How to Become a London Taxi Driver".

Tom's YouTube channel is a great way to learn more about him and the London taxi profession. He uploads videos regularly, covering topics such as driving tips, taxi history, London trivia, interviews with other cabbies and celebrities, and behind-the-scenes footage of his daily life. He also produces a weekly newsletter, The Sunday Summary, where he shares his lifestyle and productivity insights.

The channel has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from viewers who appreciate the enthusiasm, humour, and expertise.

Tom Hutley is more than just a taxi driver. He is a content creator, an educator, and an ambassador for the London taxi trade. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and love for London with others and inspiring them to pursue new careers in the industry.

If you want to know more about Tom, you can visit his website or follow him on YouTube as Tom the Taxi Driver.


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