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TOM HUTLEY’S new video explains why the School Holidays means quieter times for taxi drivers

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

YouTube taxi driving influencer Tom Hutley released his latest video detailing why School Holidays in the capital makes it a quiet time in the profession.

The video went out to nearly 80,000 subscribers and shows Tom’s working shift through London, which also coincided with a train strike too.

Due to events like the train strike traffic levels are higher than normal, but Tom is able to complete a full shift.

Tom Hutley is a London taxi driver who has gained attention on social media and YouTube with his popular channel called "Tom the Taxi Driver". He creates videos where he drives his passengers around London and engages in entertaining commentary.

His videos offer a unique perspective on the city of London through the eyes of a taxi driver and provide an insight into the lives of his passengers. Tom's channel has become very popular and he has gained a significant following on social media with his engaging and entertaining content.


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