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TOM HUTLEY TALKS TAXI MYTHS: Can taxi drivers manipulate and bump up the meter?

Updated: Jun 6

A recent video by Tom Hutley addresses several myths surrounding how taxi meters operate and the earnings of cab drivers.

The video, titled "Can Taxi Drivers BUMP Up The Meter?", sheds light on common misconceptions and provides an insider’s perspective on the realities of taxi driving in London.

Tom begins by debunking the belief that taxi drivers deliberately find traffic or hit red lights to increase fares. He explains that while fares do increase in traffic, the earnings are significantly higher when moving swiftly over longer distances. For instance, covering four miles quickly earns more than being stuck in traffic for a shorter distance.

Based on this analysis it’s always in the cabbie's best interest to keep moving and complete journeys as quickly as possible.

The cabbie goes on to dispel several other myths that have lingered within the industry, providing clarity on how taxi meters work, aiming to build trust between drivers and passengers.

Tom Hutley is widely recognised for his "Tom the Taxi Driver" video channels. The London black cab driver has successfully expanded his career into various realms including YouTube, tour guiding, and authorship. After completing the rigorous 'Knowledge of London' in December 2017, he earned his green taxi badge.

In 2020, he launched his YouTube channel, which has since garnered over 90,000 subscribers. His content offers an insider's view of London’s taxi trade, mixing practical advice with engaging narratives about his experiences on the road. This digital venture has made him a prominent figure among both cabbies and passengers, offering a unique blend of entertainment and information.


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