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Tom the Taxi Driver: Over 150,000 views for YouTube cabbie sharing a typical black cab shift

Image credit: Tom the Taxi Driver (YouTube)

Ever thought what does a London cab driver get up to during a shift in the capital? Well one cabbie captures an entire shift to show the public and other taxi drivers from outside of the capital what a days work looks like.

Tom Hutley, a London taxi driver and successful YouTuber, posted the video showing a full shift from May 2021. Since publishing the video on 11 June the intriguing video has already been watched 150,000 times.

His YouTube channel has amassed over 36,000 subscribers.

In this video Tom allows the viewer to see what type of journeys are made during a typical day.

Comments from those watching the video include: “Don’t have anything to do with taxis, but these videos are just so chill.”

Another viewer aged just 9-years-old said: “I love watching your videos! I’m memorising all the streets in London! My Dad’s a Black Cab driver In London. Swell mate.”

Watch the video here:

The cabbie’s YouTube channel has been a massive hit with viewers ever since it first launched in March 2020. The London black cab driver and qualified taxi guide completed the ‘Knowledge of London’ in 2017 after 3 years of studying. Four years in to the job he now also has a fast growing channel with over 35,000 subscribers tuning in.

Tom has also published a book about his time on the Knowledge, and recently progressed to Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers.


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