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‘TOOK THE WRONG TURN’: Cabbie nearly crashes with police car while REVERSING down motorway slip road

Image credit: Merseyside Police Traffic Unit

A Liverpool taxi driver was caught red-handed by police officers REVERSING down a motorway slip road and almost colliding into the shocked police patrol car.

Merseyside Police Traffic Unit posted up details and an image of the incident on social media which took place late last night (20 June).

Officers who were on an emergency response call witnessed the black cab driver reversing on the M57 Junction 2 slip road attempting to rejoin the carriageway.

The driver told stunned officers he was attempting to reverse back on the road after they ‘took the wrong turn’.

The cabbie was reported for the incident, with officers calling the maneuverer ‘unbelievable’.

Merseyside Police Traffic Unit said via social media: “Patrol making on an emergency response to a job and on taking the on slip to join the M57 at junction 2 they almost collided with this taxi that was REVERSING up the slip road because they ‘took the wrong turn’.

“Unbelievable. Driver well and truly reported.”


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