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‘TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE’: Taxi driver caught watching TikTok videos while driving in Chippenham

Image credit: Wiltshire Police Specials

A taxi driver was spotted engaging with TikTok videos while driving, resulting in a stern warning from the authorities.

Despite the mobile device being securely placed in a cradle, the act of watching and interacting with the device in this manner was deemed "totally unacceptable" by law enforcement officers.

The incident took place yesterday in Chippenham, as officers witnessed the taxi driver indulging in TikTok videos during his journey.

A spokesperson from the Wiltshire Police expressed concern over the ongoing issue of distracted driving. They stated: "Units were out this evening in Chippenham when we spotted this taxi driver enjoying some TikTok videos while on the move. Although his phone was securely placed in a holder, this behavior is still deemed totally unacceptable."

Distracted driving has been a growing concern as the prevalence of mobile devices and social media platforms continues to rise. Law enforcement agencies have repeatedly emphasised the dangers of engaging with mobile devices while operating a vehicle, stressing that even when devices are in holders, they can still lead to incidents on the road.

In response to the incident, authorities said: “Paperwork issued to driver.”


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