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Transport for London explains how taxi drivers should deal with tricky customer pick-up requests

Updated: Apr 15

Transport for London (TfL) has guidelines to help taxi drivers navigate difficult situations when dealing with tricky customer pick-up requests.

The guidance, published on their official website, addresses how licensed cab drivers, and minicab drivers, should handle scenarios where passengers ask to be picked up or dropped off in locations where waiting is not permitted.

According to TfL, drivers must be well-acquainted with their operating areas to effectively guide passengers to appropriate waiting spots. In instances where waiting is prohibited, drivers are advised to courteously inform customers of the restrictions and suggest viable alternatives like nearby shops or ATMs.

Familiarity of London should of course not be an issue for traditional black cab drivers, who have completed the rigorous Knowledge of London examination. However, private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers, who are not required to undergo such a test, may struggle to suggest alternatives using a sat-nav search or mobile phone while driving.

The advice further encourages drivers to find mutual reassurances with customers to ensure that they do not lose fares while maintaining passenger confidence that the taxi or minicab will return. This approach is designed to reduce potential conflicts and highlights the importance of maintaining the high professional standards expected of London’s licensed taxi operators.

TfL do recognise that these issues can sometimes lead to disagreements, but stress the importance of professionalism in sustaining the reputable image of both London's taxi and private hire trades.


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