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TUAL expands horizons with new HQ at Bicester Motion

Updated: Jun 18

Image credit: TUAL

TUAL, a frontrunner in electric commercial vehicle charging solutions, has inaugurated its new commercial headquarters at Bicester Motion’s Heritage area in Oxfordshire. This strategic move is a significant milestone in TUAL's ongoing expansion.

The new site complements TUAL’s existing technical development and engineering centre, along with a planned assembly line in Glasgow. It cements the company’s operational foundation as it accelerates its scale-up phase. TUAL’s establishment at Bicester Motion marks the campus's first high-performance battery specialist focused on commercial vehicles and enterprise fleets.

Bicester Motion’s Heritage area is part of a broader development aimed at fostering the evolution of mobility through innovation. It offers a unique environment that promotes skills, expertise, and employment, while attracting qualified customer interest and fostering shared business incubation and growth.

TUAL’s new site at The Station Armoury will see the company join an array of sustainable mobility innovators. These include the electric vehicle brand Polestar, the NEOM McLaren Formula E Team, urban electric two-wheeler manufacturer Zapp, and synthetic fuel developer Zero Petroleum.

Situated in a key UK region for scientific and technological advancement, Bicester Motion provides a strategic location for business and product development. The site features extensive static and live-drive environments ideal for showcasing and testing TUAL’s pioneering technology.

Philip Clarke, CEO and Founder of TUAL, said: “Bicester Motion provides TUAL with an industry-leading launchpad for accelerating the development of our unique, cutting-edge electric commercial-vehicle charging solutions. From world-class engineering expertise, to a host of on-site specialist partners, proximity to the Advanced Propulsion Centre team, and its inspiring entrepreneurial culture, Bicester Motion is a natural location for us to propel our business forward.

“The industry needs to seize the opportunity to electrify commercial vehicles. We intend to scale our commercial operations at Bicester, in parallel with the expansion of technical operations in Scotland, to help businesses make a success of the electric commercial-vehicle transition – now and in the future.”

Daniel Geoghegan, chief executive, Bicester Motion, added: “We warmly welcome TUAL to our thriving future mobility community. Their innovative technology has the capability of transforming commercial vehicle EV infrastructure. We look forward to seeing their growth continue to accelerate in their new home.”


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