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Tunbridge Wells taxi driver loses licence appeal after non-disclosure of prison remand and handed costs of over £3,000

A Tunbridge Wells taxi driver's appeal against the revocation of his licence was dismissed at Medway Magistrates, affirming the council's concern for public safety.

The hearing, which took place on 26 April 2024, concluded with the magistrates ruling in favour of the council, also imposing costs of £3,252 on the driver.

The driver had initially lost his licence in May 2023, when it came to light that he failed to report crucial information to the licensing authorities, including a period of remand in prison. This omission breached the regulations set out in the council’s Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy, which mandates a high standard of conduct and transparency from all licensed drivers.

The council's Head of Housing, Health, and Environment took swift action to withdraw the licence, citing a direct threat to public safety as the driving force behind the decision.

In upholding the council’s decision magistrates also awarded costs of £3,252 to the council.

A Tunbridge Wells Council Licensing spokesperson said: “When people get into a taxi, they want to feel safe and therefore, as you would expect, the council holds taxi and private hire drivers to high standards. As this case shows we will take action if drivers licensed by this authority choose to disregard them.”


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