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Two drivers in Nottingham convicted of illegally plying-for-hire with no insurance

Two drivers in Nottingham were convicted of illegally plying-for-hire with no insurance after appearing at court this week.

The two unnamed drivers were found guilty on Monday 9 August and were handed fines and further penalties.

One driver must pay £550 in costs and was disqualified from driving for four months. The other driver was fined £540 and handed 6 penalty points on their licence. They must also pay the fine in the next 28 days.

A Nottingham City Council Licensing spokesperson said via social media: “2 drivers in court yesterday & convicted for illegally plying for hire & no insurance;

Driver 1 total costs £550 & disqualified for 4 months

Driver 2 total costs £540 & 6 penalty points. 28 days to pay.


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