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Two men jailed for over ten years after robbing taxi driver and stealing booze from shopper in Margate

Updated: Jan 21

Image credit: Kent Police

Two men responsible for a series of street robberies in Margate, including an attack on an off-duty taxi driver stealing his cash takings, have been sentenced to a combined total of more than 10 years in prison.

The two individuals, Kieran Martin, aged 30, and Luke Tudor, aged 36, were charged with robbery and assault in the town in March 2022. Their criminal activities culminated in their arrest and subsequent charges, to which they pleaded guilty.

On 17 January 2024, the court handed down a sentence of seven and a half years to Martin and two years and nine months to Tudor.

The court heard how Martin and Tudor first accosted two men in Addington Road on 17 March 2022. The men, who were carrying their shopping, were forcibly told to hand over alcohol from their bags. Upon their refusal, they were shoved, and the bottles were stolen. Martin and Tudor then fled the scene.

Later the same day, the pair confronted an off-duty taxi driver, demanding a lift. Despite informing them that he was not working, the driver was coerced into driving them to a pharmacy. Upon arrival, a confrontation ensued, resulting in the assault of the taxi driver. He managed to escape into the pharmacy for safety. Meanwhile, Martin and Tudor inflicted damage to his vehicle and stole a pencil case containing his fares.

These incidents highlight the risks and dangers faced by individuals, including those providing essential services like taxi drivers.

Kent Police's investigating officer, DC Matthew Burridge, said: “These two men put victims in fear of violence in order to steal from them and damaged a car which was its owner’s livelihood.

“I am pleased our investigation has led to them being removed from the streets of Margate, and I hope the sentences imposed give their victims a sense that justice has been done.”


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