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Two PHVs found in Liverpool driving with heavily worn illegal tyres

Image credit: Liverpool City Council Licensing

Liverpool City Council conducted inspections of private hire vehicles (PHVs), leading to two vehicles being reported for heavily worn tyres.

The Council's spokesperson revealed that one of the inspected vehicles was found to have an illegal tyre, showing exposed cords. As a result, the vehicle was prohibited from use, and the driver is set to be reported.

The spokesperson emphasised the importance of regular tyre checks by drivers to ensure they meet legal standards.

On the same day, another PHV, this time a Sefton licensed vehicle, was also found using an illegal tyre. The Liverpool City Council Licensing's spokesperson addressed this issue in an additional social media post

The Council included photos of each heavily worn tyre.

A Liverpool City Council Licensing spokesperson said via social media: “Following an inspection of private hire vehicle it was found to have an illegal tyre with cords, vehicle prohibited for use and the driver will be reported.

“Drivers should be checking their tyres to ensure they are legal. Safety is paramount!”

In a further post, another private hire vehicle (PHV) also fell victim to enforcement on the same day. A spokesperson added: “Sefton PHV caught with an illegal tyre.”


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