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TX4 London black taxis edging closer to green light for retrofit upgrades

HJS Emission Technology gave cabbies a welcome retrofitting news boost after announcing the successful completion of tests for the TX4 taxi at Millbrook Proving Ground.

The testing marks a significant step forward in efforts to update older diesel taxis to meet Euro 6 emission standards.

Following this milestone, the company is poised to embark on a rigorous 10,000-mile durability test. According to a company spokesperson, the plan is to cover 900 to 1,000 miles weekly, signalling a swift gear change in the project.

Updates on the progress are expected to be shared regularly.

The retrofitting option offered is likely to quickly become a favoured choice among some taxi drivers. It would allow them to update their existing vehicles rather than invest in new ones, providing a cost-effective alternative to maintain compliance with stricter emission regulations. This option is especially attractive for drivers looking to extend their careers, and the age limits of their black cab, without the substantial financial burden of purchasing a new taxi.

A HJS Emission Technology spokesperson said: “Great news! Yesterday the TX4 passed its testing at Millbrook Proving ground.

“We will shortly commence our 10,000 miles durability testing.  Watch this space for further updates.”

The spokesperson added: “We are aiming to do 900/1,000 miles per week.”


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