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Uber allegedly deactivated driver based on allegations of arguing which he firmly denies

Image credit: IWGB/TaxiPoint remixed

A London licensed Uber driver has allegedly been deactivated from working on the app based on what he says is a false allegation made against him by a passenger.

Dahir, who has worked on the Uber app for several years, has said he was deactivated by the ride-hailing firm on 16 April after a passenger made a complaint against him, which he firmly denies.

According to Dahir, Uber told him that a passenger had said he had been arguing out his car window with another motorist.

Dahir says he tried to explain to Uber that the allegations were false but says the company refused to engage with him.

He went on to add that the company is yet to provide any evidence to back up the allegations against him, or even offered him the opportunity to appeal their decision to remove him from the driver app.

Dahir said: "Uber cannot keep treating us drivers like this. I demand to be reinstated and I demand a fair process from Uber. I will not be silent until they give us justice."

A spokesperson for the Independent Workers of Great Britain said: "Hundreds of drivers come to us each year following unfair deactivations from Uber and other operators.

"Drivers are left destitute as a result of Uber's refusal to follow a fair process. We won't stop campaigning until Uber ends unfair deactivations and gives drivers a fair process."


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