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Uber announces latest round of ‘LOCAL CAB’ locations in West Yorkshire, Nottingham and Lincolnshire

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Uber has today announced its next round of ‘Local Cab’ offerings around the UK in West Yorkshire, Nottingham and Lincolnshire.

Local Cab provides passengers the option to book trips with a local operator via the Uber app. Uber’s app integrates with Autocab’s iGo network and has already launched in more than 25 towns and cities across the UK since its pilot in May 2021.

Anyone opening the Uber app in West Yorkshire, including Bradford, can now select the Local Cab option, alongside regular Uber-operated options UberX, Comfort, Exec and XL.

Local Cab trips will be passed to three operators in West Yorkshire - Wrose Village Cars and Zip in Bradford and Bronte & DWC Taxis in Haworth – to fulfil, and all subsequent support will be provided by them.

Two operators, Central Cars and Southside Cars will fulfil Nottingham work. Meanwhile in Lincolnshire, Boston-based operator Acorn Taxis is also taking Local Cab bookings.

The arrival of Uber’s new Local Cab product in these regions follows a string of previous launches in towns and cities across the UK, including in Manchester and Birmingham.

Ken Ives, Director at Zip, said: “Local Cab is a win-win for both our drivers and passengers. Being able to book trips with local operators via the Uber app will enable passengers to get from A to B quicker and easier, and drivers will gain access to new job opportunities – which will no doubt be welcomed with open arms!”

Tariq Mahmood, Director at Bronte & DWC Taxis, said: “Partnering with Uber will allow us to provide additional revenue streams to our drivers, which we hope will aid our recruitment efforts and encourage new drivers to join our fleet.”

Jamie Heywood, Uber’s Regional General Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe, said: “We’re excited to add West Yorkshire to our growing list of locations across England where riders can access both UberX and Local Cab in the same app. This will help maximise earnings opportunities for drivers while giving passengers in West Yorkshire more choice, meaning that everyone will benefit. We’re looking forward to launching Local Cab in more UK towns and cities soon."


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