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UBER BOAT FIRE: Over 30 passengers and crew disembark on the Thames after fire breaks out

Crew and passengers onboard an Uber Thames Clipper boat were evacuated on Tuesday morning after a fire forced people to disembark.

Emergency services were called out after a fire broke out near Battersea Power Station pier in the engine's vessel room.

According to London Fire Brigade sources around 31 passengers and four crew members disembarked the Uber Thames Clipper boat before the emergency services arrived at the scene.

Fire officers located a small fire in the engine room which was extinguished. There were no injuries at the scene of the incident.

The London Fire Brigade said via social media: "Firefighters dealt with a small fire in the engine room of a Clipper at Battersea Power Station Pier.

"Around 31 members of the public and four crew disembarked the Clipper before the Brigade arrived. There were no injuries."


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