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Uber extends its 30 DAY ride RESERVE service to its "BUDGET" products along with a minimum fare

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Image credit : TaxiPoint

Uber has begun expanding its 'Reserve' feature to the most "budget-friendly" products on the app: UberX and XL.

Uber launched ‘Reserve‘ for Exec and Lux rides in luxury vehicles in May, allowing customers to request bookings with Uber up to 30 days in advance.

As cities open back up, the service is being expanded to include the app’s X and XL vehicles, which will now all be available on 'Reserve'.

Uber Reserve is now available in London, Manchester and Bristol.

Drivers using ‘Uber Reserve’ will be required to be online 40 minutes prior to the trip to ensure riders and drivers can seamlessly connect beforehand, with drivers assigned up to seven days in advance.

Uber said drivers will arrive five minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time, and will wait up to five minutes after the pick-up time.

’Reserve‘ trips can be booked with a minimum two hours’ advance notice, and can be cancelled free of charge as long as the trip is 60 minutes or more away.

If a rider cancels less than one hour in advance, they will be required to pay the trip minimum fare to the selected driver.

The trips come with a reservation fee of between £3- £5 and a minimum fare of £30 in London, £16 in Manchester, and £17 in the South West, with the price shown upfront before booking.

Ash Kebriti, General Manager for the UK and Ireland at Uber, said: “As the world returns to normal, we’re looking for ways to make everyday life easier for our customers.

“After seeing Reserve’s popularity among customers taking trips in luxury vehicles, we wanted to expand the service to the most affordable products on the app, giving more of our passengers peace of mind by allowing them to plan and confirm their important trips in advance.”


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