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Uber file court proceedings to find out if London operator model applies to the whole of the UK

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Ride-hailing app, Uber, have confirmed to TaxiPoint that they have asked a court to decide whether a High Court’s decision which went against their business model in London, applies to the whole of the UK.

A spokesperson for the company told TaxiPoint that they have done so because as a result of the High Court ruling they have made changes to their business model not just in the capital, but around the whole of the UK. However, they feel that if the law is not applicable around the whole of the UK, other operators, such as Bolt, will only have to change their model in London, creating an unfair advantage around the rest of the UK.

A spokesperson said that they wanted to be clear that there are a number of implications surrounding the outcome of this, including VAT laws.

Speaking with TaxiPoint, a spokesperson said they decided to change their business model for the whole of the UK because they felt “it would be crazy to have different models in and outside of the capital”.

TaxiPoint have asked to be updated as and when there is any progress


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