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Uber UK introduce Pin Verification system to make sure passengers "are getting into the right car"

Image credit:TaxiPoint

Ride-sharing firm Uber have introduced a new 'Pin Verification System' measure for all users across the UK.

The new system is a feature which the firm says will help riders make sure they are getting into the right vehicle with the right driver.

If riders opt in to the new feature, they will receive a unique 4-digit pin whenever they request a ride.

Before entering their ride, passengers will be advised to tell the driver the unique pin, who will then enter it into their driver app. If the pin matches, the journey can begin.

In an email sent to Uber passengers and seen by Lancashire Telegraph, Uber said: "Because your safety is important to us, we’ve created a PIN verification feature to help you make sure you’re getting into the right car with the right driver.

"You can choose to opt in to this feature for added peace of mind on every trip."


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