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Uber introduces Live Location Sharing to streamline food deliveries

Image credit: Uber

Uber Eats has unveiled a new feature, Live Location Sharing, aimed at enhancing the delivery experience for both customers and couriers by facilitating smoother drop-offs.

This service is designed to help couriers locate customers more efficiently, especially in complex delivery environments.

Here's how it functions:

  • When customers opt for an "meet outside" or "meet at door" delivery through the Uber Eats app, they will be notified that their location is going to be shared with the courier. This is intended to assist couriers in precisely locating the drop-off point.

  • The live location sharing activates when the courier is approximately three minutes away from the delivery location and if the customer is within 100 meters of the designated drop-off spot. The sharing of the location ceases once the order has been successfully delivered.

  • Customers concerned about privacy have the option to disable the Live Location Sharing feature at any point during the delivery process.

This feature has been rolled out across all Uber Eats markets globally, with the exception of Quebec, demonstrating Uber Eats' commitment to leveraging technology to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. There has been no indication whether this technology will be extended to its ride-share offering.

Divya Dalapathi, Director of Product Management at Uber, said: “We’re thrilled to bring location sharing to Uber Eats and help consumers ensure greater reliability with every delivery they receive.

“After launching the feature on Uber rides and seeing great success, we knew that building this feature on Uber Eats would be a game changer – especially for consumers who order from tricky to navigate locations like office buildings, parks, and large apartment complexes.”


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