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Uber introduces voice and in app seat belt reminders for drivers and riders

Screenshot image credit: Uber

Uber has unveiled an update to enhance road safety, aiming to ensure that both drivers and passengers secure their seat belts during journeys.

The feature involves an audible prompt that plays at the start of each trip, urging vehicle occupants to "please use your seat belt for your safety".

In addition to the audio message, passengers will receive a push notification on their smartphones, reinforcing the importance of buckling up. These reminders will be a regular feature and set to occur at the beginning of every trip.

Aligning with the Government’s THINK! campaign, Uber is taking a stand to promote seat belt usage, particularly among young men—a demographic statistically at higher risk on the roads. The campaign highlights a startling statistic: every week, 4 individuals aged between 17 to 29 suffer fatalities or severe injuries in road accidents, with a significant portion not wearing seat belts. The data reveals that in 2022, 30% of road deaths in this age group were among those not using seat belts, underlining the critical need for such safety interventions.

Andrew Brem, Uber’s UK General Manager, said: “With millions of trips taking place on our platform across the UK, we know we have a responsibility to make every trip as safe as possible. With this new safety feature we want to encourage both drivers and riders to buckle up every time - every seat and every ride.”

Roads Minister, Guy Opperman, said: “Wearing a seat belt is a simple step which can save lives and through our new THINK! campaign, we’re hoping to drive down deaths and injuries by making CLICKING in your belt second nature. Features like this are a vital part of raising awareness of the campaign and encouraging passengers to stay safe by belting up.”


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