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‘UBER IS FUMING’: London electric taxi firm Sherbet Taxis calls out Uber with advertising campaign

Image credit: Sherbet Taxis

Sherbet Taxis, a premium, all-electric black taxi company, is calling out Uber with its debut advertising campaign.

Taxis across its 350 strong London electric fleet will feature the large, bold message “Uber is fuming”, and a strapline underneath explaining: “They pump kilotonnes of exhaust into the air. We don’t”, with the branding “Sherbet Electric Taxi Co”.

To highlight its message, Sherbet will be parking its “Uber is fuming” taxi adverts outside Uber’s London head offices and touring them on the capital’s most polluted roads including Euston Road and The Strand.

Other messages in the campaign, such as “Luxury doesn’t have to cost the earth” and “London’s new street cleaner”, will also appear on the Sherbet fleet.

Sherbet is the largest fleet of electric taxis in London and is constantly growing, with expectations to have a thousand electric black taxis within the next two years.

Image credit: Sherbet Taxis

Asher Moses, CEO of Sherbet Taxis, said: “Sherbet was built on the belief that black taxis are a fundamental part of what makes London such a great city and that there is no substitute for the quality of service and experience they deliver.”

Sherbet, The Electric Taxi Company – was founded by CEO and London taxi driver Asher Moses, and now features a fleet of more than 350 fully-electric, fully-digitally connected, award-winning taxis driven by handpicked Knowledge-qualified, TfL licenced drivers, in which customer safety is guaranteed. 

Image credit: Sherbet Taxis

Asher’s journey began in 1989 when he passed the Knowledge to become a licensed taxi driver. He’s spent the time since dedicating his life to advancing the iconic and world class London black taxi. He’s now on a mission to prove that the London black taxi can be revolutionised to become an essential part of any global 21st century smart city and transform ground transportation for passengers, taxi drivers and communities - and make transport as a whole more sustainable.

Voted 41st in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100, Sherbet offers passengers taxis with 4G wifi, air conditioning in a private cabin, the most qualified drivers available and phone charging points. There’s also a ride app which allows customers to book an affordable, fully-accessible luxury electric black taxi and see where the closest one is, using their personal or corporate accounts.


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