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Uber launch motorcycle ride-hailing service in France

Image credit:Uber

Uber has launched 'Uber Moto' in France, a new service which allows users to order a motorcycle private hire driver to transport them on journeys.

Uber said they are testing the new product, which has already joined the Uber application for some of their users in the Paris region.

The service is already fully functional in a number of countries across Asia, including Indonesia, India and Thailand.

Uber Moto is an option through which passengers can order electric motorcycle and maxi scooter rides driven by independent professional drivers directly from the Uber app in Paris and La Défense, Neuilly and Boulogne at the moment.

A spokesperson for Uber said: "We have developed a comprehensive health protocol to ensure the safety of drivers and users who use the Uber Moto option."

Features include;

  • The drivers always wear a mask and gloves, they disinfect all areas of contact with the passenger, prepare the equipment in advance so that the user can dress themselves and maintain a safe distance during the process. They also offer passengers disposable gloves and a hydroalcoholic gel for the passenger at the end of the trip. 

  • Passengers, in addition to the equipment described above, receive a message before each journey reminding them to disinfect their hands, to wear an appropriate coat and mask, to throw away their disposable cap, gloves and masks after use. Cash payment is not allowed and everything happens directly from the Uber app to avoid unnecessary contact.

The Uber Moto price is based on a base price and a price per kilometer. Dynamic pricing may apply if there are more orders than drivers available, the company confirmed.


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