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Uber launch new PRIORITY option in Brazil aiming to solve driver shortage issues

Ride-hailing firm Uber have released a new ‘Priority’ option on its Brazilian platform, with the aim of offering more earning opportunities for drivers and the possibility of faster boarding for users.

The new functionality arrives as a result of a shortage of drivers on the Uber platform. It is reported that approximately one quarter of ride-hailing drivers have left the industry in São Paulo since the pandemic began in Spring 2020.

Rising fuel prices, peaking at over 40%, in the last 12 months have forced many motorists off the road and into different employment.

The new priority option launched by Uber will be available in the cities of Campinas, Curitiba and Belém. Priority trips will cost a ‘little more’ than UberX and will take place in the central regions of the three cities, where the wait for vehicles has been longer in recent weeks.

Passengers requesting a priority vehicle, can simply open the app, enter the starting and destination locations of the trip and choose the Priority option. It is not necessary to download a new updated app.


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