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UBER ONE: A new membership programme launches offering discounted Uber rides and delivery

Updated: May 28, 2022

Uber have announced the launch of Uber One, a new membership programme that offers upgraded features on rides and delivery to all of its UK platform users.

From ordering a ride to work, ordering dinner for the family, or stocking up the refrigerator, Uber One can now offer a host of member-only features.

For £5.99 per month or an annual price of £59.99, the subscription service includes:

  • 5% off eligible rides and 10% off premium rides

  • 5% off eligible delivery orders

  • Unlimited £0 delivery on £15+ orders and £25+ grocery orders

  • Uber One Promise: £5 in Uber Cash on eligible deliveries if Uber’s Latest Arrival estimate is missed

  • Exclusive access to perks including special offers, promotions, and invite-only experiences.

The 5-10% discount for Uber rides includes UberX and XL, Uber Comfort, and Uber Green.

As household costs rise across the UK, Uber One aims to offer members helpful ways to save on travel and deliveries. For example if a member takes one UberExec trip once a week for £10 to work, they’d save £4 per month and if they were to order a £15 takeaway once a week with a £1.79 delivery fee, they’d save £13.16 a month. Uber One will also give members the ability to track exactly how much money they have saved in the app.

The new offering marks the first time Uber has launched a subscription service in the UK. The UK follows membership programs running in 18 markets globally, including the US, Mexico and Germany.

Awaneesh Verma, Head of Membership at Uber, said: “Uber One presents a fantastic opportunity for customers to save money with Uber across our entire platform. The new service doesn’t just offer a discount across our platform, we’re also providing free deliveries, priority service and we’re giving all delivery members a price promise - providing them with £5 Uber cash if Uber’s Latest Arrival estimate is missed.”


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