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Uber passenger reveals new ‘CON TO THE SYSTEM’ used by drivers to escape paying app commission fees

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

An Uber customer took to social media to warn others of drivers trying to ‘con the system’ by cancelling the ride at arrival, then offering it back outside of the Uber app booking systems.

The customer, Simon Palmer, shared details of the incident on Tuesday 7 June after requesting a vehicle to pick him up.

According to Palmer, the driver frustratingly cancelled the ride on arrival. However, the driver went on to offer his services for the same price outside of Uber’s operating app to evade paying the commission fees.

It was later revealed the alleged incident occurred in Sweden, but those responding showed their concern for similar tricks happening back in the UK.

Simon Palmer said: “My Uber driver just cancelled my trip when he saw me then tried to make out it was an error, but that he’d take me for the same price, but not pay through the app. Drivers are trying to avoid taking a cut of their earnings.

“People will always find a way to con the system.”

What are the rules in the UK and why does it matter?

In the UK private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers must always be pre-booked via an operator. It is illegal for them to tout for work and accept fares without a booking made via a licensed operator.

PHV drivers accepting work away from a licensed operator also risk voiding their insurance leaving their passengers unaware of the risk.

The only vehicles that can be hailed from the street without a booking are hackney carriage taxis.


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