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Uber price increase a ‘SLAP IN THE FACE’ for drivers already on the platform says ADCU

A private hire drivers' union has described Uber’s most recent fares increase as a ‘slap in the face’ for those already working on the platform in the UK.

The ride-hailing giants announced fares would increase by a further 5% in London and also across the UK in a bid to attract more drivers to its platform.

The hike in price aims to attract 8,000 more drivers in London in order to meet the growing demand in the capital and a further 2,000 outside of the capital.

However, according to the App Drivers and Couriers Union (ADCU) the increase in their rate of pay would result in a reduction of total take home pay. Drivers from the union say they remain concerned at the lack of transparency in how pay and work is algorithmically allocated by Uber.

According to the ADCU, increasing fuel and vehicle costs mean the net take home pay is worth 8.2% less due to general consumer price inflation. The union also questioned Uber's planned recruitment drive which they say will saturate work levels and make less work available for current drivers.

Yaseen Aslam, ADCU President, said: "This supposed pay award is nothing more than a summer time seaside shell game scam. This pay rate adjustment is a slap in the face for Uber's 70,000 strong loyal workforce, who sacrificed much to provide continued service during the pandemic, expected Uber to pick up their fair share of operational cost inflation.

“Instead the drivers have once again been left holding the bag. There is zero transparency at Uber as to how work is allocated and how variable pay is set. This has allowed Uber to trumpet a pay rise, boost their profits and engorge the share price while leaving drivers to face a future more bleak than ever. It cannot be right that Uber's CEO is paid £21,000 per hour while drivers in the UK still languish at below minimum wage pay rates. The ADCU will not accept this and Uber can expect more industrial action and disruption to the service in the near future."

Earlier this week Uber said the introduction of protections such as holiday pay and access to a pension plan has already led to more than 10,000 new drivers signing up with Uber in recent months, but Uber is taking steps to further grow its driver base in London and across the UK in order to meet the growing demand and boost service levels.

Andrew Brem, General Manager for the UK and Ireland, Uber, said: “London has come back to life with a bang following the pandemic and in order to meet the growing demand for Uber rides, we are looking to sign up 8,000 new drivers in the capital. Minimum base rates will increase across the UK in order to attract these new drivers, which will be in addition to the 10,000 that have joined Uber across the UK following the move to provide holiday pay and a pension. This is aimed at helping to boost driver earnings and help to keep London moving with a reliable Uber service.”


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