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Uber rejects Brussels allegations of charging users more if they have low phone battery

Ride-sharing giant Uber has come under fire for allegedly charging users more if they have low phone battery, according to a recent investigation.

Belgian newspaper, Dernière Heure, conducted a small study to look at how the Uber app changes its pricing for users in Brussels based on their battery levels.

The results of the study revealed that the ride-hailing service charged 6 percent more for an identical journey made on a smartphone with only 12 percent battery remaining, while the same ride originating from the newspaper's offices to a nearby ferry terminal on a phone with 84 percent battery remained at €16.60 (£14.56), the other smartphone that was said to have only 12 percent charge was charged €17.56 (£15.41).

The Uber app charges customers fares based on a multitude of variables, including distance, time, supply-demand and toll fees. However, the company is denying claims that it increases prices based on the mobile device battery levels.

The ride-hail company said in a statement to Dernière Heure: “Uber does not take into account the phone's battery level to calculate the price of a trip.

“The dynamic pricing applied to trips booked via Uber is determined by the existing demand for rides and the supply of drivers who can respond to it.”


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