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Uber rival Bolt set their sights on e-scooter launch across 45 major cities

Estonian based ride-sharing firm, Bolt, have announced plans to launch their electric scooters (e-scooters) in 45 cities around the world.

The company, who were formally known as Taxify, are no strangers to going head-to-head with players within the same market, notably Uber Technologies Inc, who are also operating ride-sharing and e-scooter businesses.

With e-scooters making a surge to regulatory status across the globe, many tech firms are squeezing for a piece of the pie.

The UK is the last European country where e-scooters are still illegal, but with pressure building on government and licensing authorities to pass regulatory requirements to make them road legal, the likes of Bolt will be waiting in the wings to launch in the capital and other major cities in the the UK.

Bolt e-scooters are currently available for hire in Portugal, Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia. The latest e-scooter model is already available to riders in Faro, Warsaw, Krakow, and Bratislava.

Image credit: Bolt


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