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Uber's annual Lost & Found Index reveals turtles to toupees amongst usual suspects

Updated: Apr 23

Image credit: Uber

Uber's eighth annual Lost & Found Index highlights a quirky array of items left behind by riders, ranging from the typical to the downright bizarre.

Over the past year, common items like clothing, luggage, headphones, and wallets were frequently forgotten. However, this year’s index reveals an eclectic mix of lost articles including frontal hair toupees, live turtles, trays of meat pie, and tubs of surgical implants.

According to the report, Miami takes the title for the most forgetful city, with red items being the most frequently misplaced. The peak times for reporting lost items are between 9pm and 10pm, with 21 January noted as the year's most forgetful day.

The index provides a comprehensive list of the top ten most forgotten items, which includes everyday objects such as phones, jewellery, and electronic devices.

Interestingly, the report not only tracks common items but also lists some unique ones that have been left behind. This includes a hot sauce and breathalyzer kit, a Beyoncé-themed fan, and even a small rat skeleton prop. Food items are not left out, with expensive leftovers from Pizzeria Portofino and a whole smoked pork belly featuring on the list.

For those missing their items, Uber recommends contacting the driver through the app as the first step to recovering lost goods. The process involves tapping the “Activity” icon, selecting the relevant trip, and using the “Find lost item” option to initiate contact with the driver.

The 10 most commonly forgotten items include:

  1. Clothing

  2. Luggage 

  3. Headphones 

  4. Wallet 

  5. Jewellery 

  6. Phone

  7. Camera

  8. Tablet or book

  9. Laptop

  10. Vape 


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