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Uber seeking 3,200 new Manchester drivers as part of HUGE UK recruitment campaign

Ride-hailing firm Uber are looking to recruit an additional 3,200 private hire drivers in Manchester as a rise in demand for the service and also a shortage of drivers hits regions across the UK.

Earlier this year Uber announced they wanted to recruit an additional 20,000 UK private hire drivers.

In other regions of the UK the ride-hailing firm are aiming to recruit 800 more drivers in Nottingham and a further 600 in the Leicester area.

Earlier this year the operator introduced new workers’ rights to its 70,000 private hire drivers. The operator is now treating their drivers as workers, earning at least the National Living Wage when driving with Uber.

Private hire drivers working on the platform are also now paid for holiday time and can be automatically enrolled into a pension plan if they are eligible.

Demand for licensed taxis and on-demand services like Uber has peaked in recent weeks as workers return to office space and children start the new school term.

Thousands of drivers are thought to have left the private hire industry due to a lack of demand during the time of COVID restrictions and low-demand.

Recently, the shortage of drivers caused by the pandemic has put a strain on private hire operators seeking to match rides with passengers at peak times.


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