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Uber seeking Aberdeen comeback as part of UK expansion push

Uber has re-applied for a licence to operate in Aberdeen, having previously surrendered its original licence in the region back in 2018.

The ride-hailing firm confirmed to BBC Scotland sources that they would be applying for the licence after months of speculation. The latest development is part of Uber’s UK growth efforts, aiming to tap into the rising demand for its services.

The application in Aberdeen is indicative of Uber’s latest ambitions to increase its presence nationwide, having already secured operating licences in additional cities including Swansea and Stockton-on-Tees. This is in line with the company’s strong growth trajectory, which has seen a surge in driver numbers by over 70% since 2021, now exceeding 100,000.

Recently, Hull City Council also granted the company approval to introduce around 250 drivers and vehicles to its streets.

However, the expansion plans have not been universally welcomed throughout the taxi and private hire industry.

In locations such as Hull and Stockton on Tees, it has been argued that the discontinuation of Uber’s ‘Local Cab’ service in December 2023 helped provide the gap in local ride-hailing service availability. The Local Cab service enabled users to book rides with local private hire operators through the Uber app.


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