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Uber set to launch ‘Uber Taxi’ to licensed Columbia taxi drivers

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Image credit: Uber

Global ride-hailing firm Uber are set to launch the ’Uber Taxi’ platform to licensed taxi drivers in Colombia.

The new feature launched is in alliance with TaxExpress, a service that will be initially offered in Colombia's capital Bogota and third-largest city Cali.

Uber has dealt with accusations of unfair competition in Columbia, which forced the company to stop operating in 2019.

The ban, which was handed down in December 2019, was described as “arbitrary” by the private hire firm. Uber confirmed they were to quit on 1 February after failing to come to an agreement with Colombian officials about how it should be regulated going forwards.

The decision was however eventually overturned by a court last year.

In a recent news conference Marcela Torres, Uber's General Manager in Colombia, said: "Having taxis on the platform is a show of reconciliation.”

Jose Hernandez, TaxExpress General Manager, said: "In Colombia we are living through changes and searching for alternatives with former competitors is a part of that."


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