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Uber sets the example for others with auto-enrolled pensions for PHV drivers, say politicians

Uber have set the example with pensions for Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) drivers, but more needs to be done to bring other operators onto a ‘level playing field’, say MPs.

Stephen Timms MP, Chair of the Work and Pensions Committee, raised a crucial issue in a recent House of Commons debate focusing on insecure employment and poverty. During the discussion, Timms highlighted Uber's initiative to support its drivers, including a partnership with the GMB trade union and the auto-enrolment of all its private hire drivers into a pension scheme.

This move by Uber stands out in the gig economy, where ongoing ‘legal uncertainties’ have left other workers without such benefits. Timms pointed out that some of Uber's competitors have not yet followed suit, creating an uneven playing field in the industry. He urged the Government to introduce the long-awaited employment Bill, promised following the Taylor review, to address these disparities and tackle the broader problems associated with insecure employment in the gig economy.

Timms MP said in the House of Commons on 18 December 2023: “Last week, Uber came to Parliament to brief MPs on partnerships it has set up to support its drivers, including its recognition agreement with the GMB trade union.

“All Uber private hire drivers are now auto-enrolled into a pension, but legal uncertainty means that that is not the case for Uber’s competitors.

“Is it not high time for the Government to bring forward their employment Bill, which was promised after the Taylor review, to provide a level playing field for employers and to tackle these problems of insecurity in the gig economy?”

Mims Davies MP and Minister for Work and Pensions, responded: “I thank the Chair of the Select Committee for his question. In fact, I have an Uber T-shirt from my time as employment Minister, which the company gave me when it brought in the pension.

“I applaud the work that Uber has done to support its workforce. The right hon. Gentleman makes an important point, which is actually for another Department, but I will take those messages away.”


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