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UBER STRIKE: Union urges drivers and passengers to respect 24-hour national strike on 28 September

Image credit: ADCU

A private hire driver union has called on members and passengers using the Uber ride-hailing platform to support a national strike set for 28 September.

This week the App Drivers & Couriers Union (ADCU) National Executive Committee voted to stage a national 24 hour strike against Uber on 28 September starting from 00:01. Demos are also likely to be visible in cities including London, Birmingham, Nottingham and Glasgow.

Drivers on the Uber platform were asked to ‘not log on’ whilst passengers using the service were urged to ‘not cross the digital picket line and do not book the service on 28 September’.

Apsana Begum, Labour MP for Poplar and Limehouse, supported the action, saying: “Just months ago a UK Supreme Court ruled that Uber must pay their drivers for all of their working time.

“Yet months on and they appear to disregard the ruling.

“Drivers should not continue to be without fair pay + conditions.”

An ADCU spokesperson said via social media: “Current situation with apps is untenable. Too much of our work is now being lost to other modes. Passengers are inconvenienced by delay and cancellation.

“It's happening because apps are forcing drivers to accept work for too low fares. Apps need to raise fares or get out of the way #UberStrike


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