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Uber to roll out functionality that shows drivers how much they’ll get paid BEFORE accepting a job

Image credit: Uber

Uber are rolling out new functionality that shows drivers how much they’ll earn and where they’re going BEFORE accepting a trip.

The new process, known as Upfront Fares, will be offered first in the US over the coming months.

Uber’s new trip request screen will allow drivers to decide if a trip is worth their time and effort by providing all the details—including exactly how much they’ll earn and where they’re going—upfront.

Upfront Fares was piloted in a handful of cities earlier this year and, according to the ride-hailing giants, drivers liked being able to make more ‘informed choices’ for themselves.

The rider experience improved during the trials too, with higher trip completion rates and lower wait times. Based on this, and on positive driver feedback, Uber are now planning to expand Upfront Fares further.

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO, said in a statement on Friday: “At Uber, we’ve spent the last couple of years refocusing our efforts to innovate for drivers. It’s our goal to make Uber the best platform for flexible work in the world.

“A big part of 2021 was doing a better job of listening and understanding drivers’ experiences with our products and processes. Many employees—including me—hit the road ourselves to experience the app like you do. We then announced a series of changes, but we knew there was more we could do.

“While consumers tend to interact with their Uber app for a few minutes several times a week, drivers are often interacting with the Driver app for several hours a day. So every bad experience is that much more painful—and every bug we fix, experience we improve, or feature we launch is that much more meaningful.

“One thing we’ve heard loud and clear is that making the Driver app the absolute best platform to earn requires three things: more flexibility, more choice, and more support.

“Today, we’re announcing key new features that are a direct result of understanding and investing in the driver experience—and they’re only available on Uber. I had the chance to announce these new innovations to more than a hundred drivers in person yesterday in Washington DC, and I’m excited to share them with the world.”


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