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Uber & TomTom team up to integrate maps across the ride-hailing firm's global platform

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Image credit: TomTom

TomTom, the location technology company, and ride-sharing firm Uber have teamed-up and will continue integrating TomTom’s maps, traffic data, and Maps APIs across Uber’s global platform.

In addition, Uber will serve as a map editing partner to TomTom.

Uber’s integration of TomTom’s data and Maps APIs will be functional in Uber apps across more than 10,000 cities around the world.

TomTom said it regularly processes close to two billion map changes per month, which they say helps it maintain the "freshest maps".

Uber and TomTom have said they will also work together to ensure their mapping keeps up to date with any changes that may occur, such as new roads, turn restrictions, street closures, and more.

According to TomTom, Uber will observe and report on-the-ground insights from completed trips and deliveries, while itself will use updates collected from its partners to provide more accurate map data to TomTom customers.


“We look forward to working more closely with Uber and delivering even better location data to improve the mobility of the users of TomTom’s products everywhere,” said Anders Truelsen, Managing Director, TomTom Enterprise.

“TomTom’s full suite of industry-leading datasets and services, including highly accurate maps, traffic and Maps APIs, will help any company to enhance their location-enabled solutions.”

“Accurate mapping is at the heart of Uber’s platform, which is why we’re thrilled to continue teaming up with TomTom. Our partnership will help create even more dynamic mapping experiences in our global marketplace," said Michael Weiss-Malik, Director of Product, Maps and GSS at Uber.


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