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‘UBER v SEFTON’ RULING COVERED: TaxiPoint August 2023 magazine edition out now

TaxiPoint has released its industry leading digital magazine covering all the hot topics including an in-depth look at the recent ‘Uber versus Sefton’ ruling.

The trusted news source covers news of HMRC examining the ruling, the VAT potentially applied and what zero-rated VAT would mean for the taxi industry.

Perry Richardson, TaxiPoint Founder and Editor, said in the magazine editorial: “England’s taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) industry had waited what seemed an age for the Uber versus Sefton ruling to emerge. Now that it has arrived, the result pushes operators in line with those operating in London when it comes to ‘principality’ of a booking...

“The ruling will force changes to business models that have been put in place for decades. PHV operators will likely be forced to pay the VAT invoices, not the driver, for each booking made through their platform.

“Despite the result, there still remains uncertainty for many.

How much will passenger fares rise by? How much tax will HMRC order the industry to pay? Will this spark more court cases? How will drivers’ working rights change? If ‘zero-rated’ VAT was granted, how would that affect the hackney carriage industry?

“Ten’s of thousands of readers turned to TaxiPoint for comprehensive news on the ruling (for which we are very grateful), and in this edition we continue to report on and explore the implications.”

  • 2023 STATS: Worrying trend for wheelchair accessibility, but electric shift gathers pace

  • THE RESULT: Uber versus Sefton

  • THE RULING: Uber versus Sefton

  • HMRC examining implications of landmark ruling on VAT for PHV operators

  • VAT APPLIED: Will PHV prices rise by 20% and why will taxi prices stay the same?

  • 0% RATED: What would a zero-rated taxi industry look like?

  • CANCELLED: Taxi booking circle of rejection continues to leave riders, drivers and venues frustrated

  • TOM HUTLEY: Why I don't use a sat-nav

  • CABBIES QUESTION: Do you aim for a daily monetary target or just work to a set time?

  • POP UP TYRES: New operation in partnership with EV service hub

  • TAXIPLUS: Bolton cabbies victorious after MLS 2 scheme scrapped

  • Monthly fuel updates

  • UK taxi news

  • Region taxi news

  • London taxi news.


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