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UITP set to close latest global taxi and ride-hailing benchmarking survey

Updated: Apr 15

In a comprehensive effort to map the evolving landscape of taxi and ride-hailing services across the globe, the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) is set to close its biennial survey, aiming to furnish cities and operators with vital benchmarking data.

This year's survey is anticipated to provide an analysis of the trends and developments shaping the taxi and ride-hailing sectors. By dissecting these markets, UITP seeks to offer actionable insights into service benchmarking, enabling improvements and adaptations in response to the survey's findings.

Comprising two distinct questionnaires tailored to taxi and ride-hailing services respectively, the survey delved into a broad spectrum of areas across 25 questions. These ranged from fleet composition and driver details to operational data, market regulation, fare and payment systems, service integration, market outlook, and an open comment section, ensuring a holistic view of the industry's current state and future trajectory.

Directed at public authorities that regulate taxi and/or ride-hailing services at a local level, the survey's focus is on data from the past two years (2022-2023), reflecting recent challenges and innovations within the sector.

Findings from this year's survey will be used to create the forthcoming "Taxi and Ride-hailing Benchmark 2024" Statistics Brief. This document, set to be made public, aims to serve as a cornerstone resource for industry stakeholders, offering a snapshot of the sector's health and direction. Furthermore, the dataset gathered will be accessible to UITP members via their online library, facilitating deeper dives into the data for more granular analysis and application.


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