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UK Travellers Warned: Stick to licensed taxis in Spain or face fines up to €600

In a recent advisory, the Foreign Office has issued a caution to British travellers about the use of taxi services in Spain.

The statement highlights the importance of using only official registered or licensed taxis, or transport services from well-known companies. This guidance comes amid differences in licensing regulations across various Spanish cities, some of which necessitate pre-booking.

The Foreign Office warned that passengers opting for unlicensed taxi services could face substantial fines, amounting to up to 600 Euros. To avoid such penalties, travellers are urged to ensure they arrange their taxi or airport transfers exclusively through licensed firms. This move aims to safeguard tourists against unregulated services and promote safe travel practices abroad.

A Foreign Office statement said: “Only use official registered or licensed taxis, or reputable transport companies you recognise. Licensing regulations differ across Spain and in certain cities pre-booking is required.

“Passengers caught using unlicensed taxi services are liable for fines of up to 600 Euros. Make sure you book your taxi or airport transfer through a licensed firm.”


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