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UNINSURED MCLAREN SEIZED: ‘The Uber he got back to London wasn’t anywhere as nice’ say police

Image credit: Warwickshire Rural Crime Team

Police officers say ‘the Uber he got back to London wasn't anywhere near as nice’ after seizing a speeding uninsured £100,000+ McLaren super car.

Officers from the Warwickshire Rural Crime Team seized the vehicle after being caught speeding on the M6 near Coleshill. Upon further inspection the driver was actually uninsured after purchasing the vehicle FIVE MONTHS prior to the incident.

Officers said via social media: “We drive pretty much the largest vehicle in Warwickshire Police’s fleet, our trucks not exactly subtle or covert.

“But somehow the driver of this lovely McLaren managed not to spot us (from three miles away), while we drove in lane 1 of the M6 near Coleshill at the speed limit.

“We however spotted this Bruce Wayne wannabe, travelling so fast in lane 3 that I genuinely had to check my speedo hadn't stopped working.

“The driver made no attempt to slow down, even after passing our vehicle.

“On came the blue lights and sirens to check the drivers speedo was working. It took well over 1/2 mile for the McLaren to come to a stop.

“I decided to deploy those most famous of traffic officers opening lines "Afternoon sir, do you have any idea why I might have stopped you today?" "Are you on route to a medical emergency or similar?"

“The driver replied "I'm just running late and wanted to get home", unfortunately for him this wasn't a reasonable excuse.

“Things got worse for the driver when his name didn't seem to be on the insurance for the vehicle, the driver then informed me he'd only bought the car 3 days earlier and would be covered by the dealers inclusive 7 day insurance policy.

“He was absolutely correct, he would have been covered by the dealers policy had he bought the car 3 days earlier... The gent had actually bought the car 5 months earlier and despite it being a £100.000+ car, he'd never bothered to get insurance.

“The driver was reported for the offences and the vehicle seized.

“The Uber he got back to London wasn't anywhere near as nice.”


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